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Cold Chain Monitoring


L&B Taspac are the Exclusive Distributor for Emerson Cargo Solutions  in New Zealand

 The global perishable supply chain is complex with many handoff points. With Emerson Cargo Solutions you receive direct access to your data, expanding your container monitoring down to the cargo level so you can track your perishables and high-value goods from start to finish. Our Oversight reporting dashboard gives you instant, online access to data from our loggers and trackers, including key information like temperature, security and location.

Emerson Go Labels are a new class of temperature recorder. They provide visibility into what happens to your products during distribution and storage. They are fundamentally different than other recorders on the market in many distinct ways. First, they utilize an innovative temperature sensor that does not require ongoing calibration to maintain accuracy. They also take a surface read of the object to which they are attached, providing a much closer approximation of actual product temperature. Traditional units simply supply ambient temperature reads. Finally, their unique form factor promotes their use in a variety of scenarios. They can even be mailed back in the postal system for downloading at a central location.

Our labels are flat, about the size of a sugar packet, and can monitor time and temperature of a perishable product’s environment for up to 110 days. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) signal if temperature abuse occurs and all data collected by the label can be downloaded and graphed to pinpoint when and for how long product was out of temperature specification.

Easy to Use

Label programming is done for you in advance, you simply press the button in the corner of the label to activate it and apply it to product or product packaging. Visual LED alerts enable receiving staff to make quick accept/reject decisions. Check out the various models of Emerson Labels to determine what's best for your application. We offer NFC, wireless and direct USB to PDF models.