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Ultra Contact (Temperature Recorder)


Quality & Value in our standard temperature monitoring label. The most cost effective way of monitoring your cold chain, this product is ideal for those looking to monitor temperature sensitive products. This product requires an Ultra Contact Reader to pull information from the recorder so only those with the recorder can see the cold chain. Customers simply order the correct label, press the corner to activate, and attach it to product or product packaging prior to shipping. Ultra Contact Temperature Recorders are kept in food grade, water tight packaging. They have been stored anywhere from the outside of a carton to the inside of Bluefin Tuna to record the core temperature. These recorders are perhaps the most versatile in the market.

  • Flat, small label
  • Easy to implement
  • File with bill of lading or other documentation


Software Download

PakSense Ultra Contact (PDF)

PACKING: 6 & 60 Day

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